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Student employment

Having a campus job

St. Norbert College offers part-time campus jobs to SNC students enrolled at least half-time in almost every department across campus. Recognizing that your primary objective at SNC is to learn, you’re encouraged to pursue student employment opportunities that will sharpen your skills in time and financial management, setting priorities and interpersonal communication.

Regardless of the type of campus job you hold, you’ll have the chance to identify and transfer skills, develop and achieve goals and experience SNC’s core values in a work setting. What’s more, working a part-time job on campus can be a viable way to pay for some of your expenses while you are earning your college degree.

Your SNC financial aid offer could include an allowance for federal work-study. This allowance represents money that you have the potential to earn in a campus job. Even if you do not have this allowance, you may be eligible to work on campus if you are a student enrolled at least half-time. As a student employee, earnings will be paid directly to you, and will not be applied automatically to your SNC bill unless you select this option upon accepting an offered position. 

You may use funds from your employment to pay a portion of your college bill, buy books or other supplies, pay for travel costs to visit home or other personal expenses. A job is not guaranteed to you; you are responsible for seeking out, applying for, and being offered a campus job.

SNC supports student employment and partners with both on-campus employers and students to build positive and productive working relationships. 

Federal work-study refers to an on-campus position with a portion of funds provided by the US Department of Education. With both campus work-study and federal work-study positions, students receive paychecks on a bi-weekly basis for their campus job.

Students who submit a FAFSA and have demonstrated financial need may qualify for federal work-study. Your total work-study award depends on when you apply, your level of financial need and the college’s funding level. Not all positions will be eligible for federal work-study based on federal guidelines on the types of roles that can be paid with federal funds.

Even if your position does not qualify for federal work-study, you may still be eligible to work on campus and would be paid with college funds.

Students receive federal work-study funds as a bi-weekly paycheck for hours actually worked and may not earn the full federal work-study amount listed on their financial aid offer.

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Employment opportunities

A campus job does more than just fill your wallet. Work experience teaches you hands-on leadership development and hones skills that make you more employable in the future. On-campus student employment positions range from aerobics instructor to catering assistant and facilities crew member to academic tutor.

Employment policies

To facilitate productive student employment experiences, we ask that all student employees familiarize themselves with our employment policies.

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Contact the St. Norbert financial aid office

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